This is very difficult to say accurately since it will vary from person to person depending on their needs and lifestyle.

A good guide may be the average recommendations from The Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences, 2004 who have given the most comprehensive review and recommendations; suggesting for men 3 litres per day and for women 2.2 litres per day (as total beverages including drinking water).

In the UK, both the food standards agency and British dietetic association recommend about 1.8 to 2 litres per day for an adult.

The simple rule is – if you’re thirsty – drink

Top tips

  • Follow the advice of my GP if specially instructed to drink more or less water
  • Drink at least one litre of water a day unless you have  a medical condition prevents you from being able to do this
  • Check my urine colour daily for dehydration
  • Carry a water bottle with me all day where possible – stop drinking 2 hours before heading for bed
  • Drink water at meetings to replace coffee/tea
  • Read and take tips from the web links attached to my pledge page
  • Note any changes in appearance – your skin will improve/clear
  • Note an changes in bowel regularity – your bowel habit should become more regular
  • Check my urine daily for signs of improved hydration – your urine will become clearer

We lose water every day and need to replace what we lose. Additionally, temperature and lifestyle factors such as alcohol consumption, exercise, etc. may increase the amount of water we lose. Remember, thirst kicks in when the body is already mildly dehydrated.