We Improve Wellbeing by focussing on the individual needs of each person.


Personal Programmes

If you are an individual with a goal, need a little support and have desire to improve your wellbeing get in touch.

Talk to a coach to find out more.

Workplace wellbeing

If you are a business or school looking to improve employee health & wellbeing we would love to work with you.

Well programme


The Well Programme improves wellbeing through a combination of health screening, lifestyle consultations and coaching.


Start with a health assessment


Health screening

Take a health MOT, your body is a complex machine learn more about how yours is functioning.


Instant results

Get an instant report, advice and GP referral if necessary.


Schedule a lifestyle consultation

Follow up on your health assessment by sitting down 1-2-1 with one of our health technicians.

Learn more about health screening

Follow up with a lifestyle consultation


Wellbeing made easy

1-2-1 Consultations will discuss current health & wellbeing behaviours, plans for the future and work with you to set a goal.


Wellbeing tracker

Use our specially designed wellbeing tracker to get a full assessment of your current wellbeing.


Connect with your coach

By connecting with your coach you will give us daily lifestyle information so we can work with you on a plan that suits you.

Learn more about lifestyle consultations

Create everyday changes to your wellbeing with personalised support


Take the first step

Work with your coach to create informed, sustainable changes to your wellbeing.


Challenge yourself

Challenge your new health behaviours to see how resilient your new changes are.



Your coach will offer 1-2-1 support and guidance throughout the process.

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