We Improve Wellbeing and Reduce Stress in Businesses and with Individual Clients!

We provide a unique combination of health screening and coaching solutions that offer a highly personalised approach to employee wellbeing. Our software is also available to health professionals and coaches.



Personal Programmes

If you are an individual with a goal, need a little support and have desire to improve your wellbeing please get in touch.

Talk to a coach to find out more about how we can support you.

Workplace Programmes

If you are looking to improve employee health & wellbeing we would love to work with you.

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Wellbeing Solutions

The Well Programme

Using a unique combination of health screening, lifestyle consultations and 1-2-1 coaching; the Well programme is a highly effective health improvement programme.


Health Screening

Our onsite health screening programme provides you with an overall picture of your employees’ lifestyle, diet, fitness and general wellbeing. Choose from a range of onsite health screening options including cholesterol, blood sugar, weight and blood pressure.

Online 1-2-1 health coaching

Our online health coaching provides highly personalised support to staff enabling them to make significant health improvements.

Lifestyle Consultations

1- 2-1 lifestyle consultations provide employees with the opportunity to discuss key health issues with a health coach confidentially and create personal action plans.

Wellbeing Challenges 

Our wellbeing challenges can be used to raise money for charity or as company-wide health & wellbeing campaign.

Health coaching software licences

Our health coaching platform and app are available to health coaches, occupational health and fitness professionals.

Annual wellbeing plans

Annual Plans

We can create bespoke annual wellbeing plans for organisations using a combination of our most popular and engaging wellbeing solutions.

Annual Programme for Schools 

We have created a highly personalised and affordable employee wellbeing solution for schools using a combination of our Well 1-2-1 solutions.