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health professionals

As Low As


Licences can be scaled to suite your business.

Suitable for health coaches, specialist practitioners, occupational health and fitness trainers

Go mobile with WELL1-2-1 Health Coaching Software.

The customisable online coaching platform that helps you build relationships and keep clients on track for better health.


  • Adding online health coaching to your programme is a powerful way to improve the efficiency and effectiveness in how you deliver services
  • Remote coaching is cost effective – you  can increase revenue as you are able to coach more people at the same time
  • Client experience – clients feel supported and “can  be nudged” if they are experiencing issues
  • Lower drop out risk

Services you can offer  

  • Health tracking
  • Personal coaching
  • Group coaching
  • Wellbeing challenges


Starter plan – single coach licence

The WELL 1-2-1 Starter Plan provides health practitioners with an easy way to start experiencing the benefits of our health coaching app and coaching platform.  Licences start at £25 per month.

Starter plan – multiple coach licence

The WELL 1-2-1 Starter Plan for multiple coaches is ideal for small teams of coaches (1 to 10 coaches)


Provider plan – multiple coach licences

The WELL 1-2-1 Provider Plan is for larger providers with more than 10 coaches,