One way to stay active is to move more. Sounds very simplistic, but it works.

Move more general tips

  • Choose the type of exercise that is right for your body – if it hurts stop
  • Choose an activity that you will enjoy – you are more likely to keep it up
  • Choose activities that are no more than 15 minutes travel to your place of exercise – you have less chance of keeping the programme going
  • Set your minimum daily target of 30 minutes per day at an intensity which makes you feel slightly out of breath and that you perceive as moderately hard.
  • Write your sessions into your diary as appointments. Make sure you try to keep these appointments with yourself.
  • Something is better than nothing – e.g. washing and waxing the car, gardening, pushing a pram etc all count.

Move more as a family

Children spend an average of five hours and 20 minutes in front of screens a day, a shock report has revealed. The report from market research agency Childwise showed that boys spend 2.7 hours a day watching TV and 1.9 hours on-line. Girls spend 2.6 hours watching TV but more time on the internet – 2.1 hours a day.


  • Limit TV/computer time
  • Be active as a family
  • Involve children in school, community sports and pastime
  • Schedule activity into diaries
  • Play sport with children


Move more at work

Being physically active at work through walking is a fun and practical way of improving and maintaining your health. Every step is a step in the right direction, with small increases in physical activity leading to reductions in weight, blood pressure and stress in those with low activity levels. Busy working lives can limit opportunities to move more at work. Research has found that some employees spend between 5-8 hours per day sitting at desks and this in itself has been recognized as an independent risk factor for chronic disease.

Reducing sitting through increased walking at work can moderate these risk factors as well as improve energy levels, work satisfaction and social networking.


  • Walk at lunchtime
  • Walk more when commuting – park further away, walk to work etc
  • Use the stairs
  • Walk and talk meetings
  • Get out of your chair every 60 minutes to move and stretch