The Wellbeing Tracker Provides Self Help Information and a Comprehensive Online Review of Health and Lifestyle Risk Factors.

Our health assessor is a comprehensive health risk appraisal programme that provides individuals with an online report.It reviews key health risks and lifestyle behaviours and grades them on a red, amber, green scale.


Health & Lifestyle Online Assessment

Our health assessment focuses on key lifestyle areas that may be controllable and affect wellbeing.

The assessment takes 10 minutes to complete. Each participant receives a personal health lights report that highlights areas of strength and areas in need of improvement. The report rates each section, along with easy-to-understand next steps for health improvement. Focusing on behavioural choices allows us to identify potential future health risks and better direct each participant to where they can make healthier choices to improve their health status.

Self help information

Our Wellbeing Tracker gives access to many more resources, in addition to the Health Assessor.  Videos, podcasts, articles and links to relevant websites and research documents as well as a Health Library which is a glossary of features providing background information to give an in-depth understanding of each health metric and resource.