The WELL1-2-1 School Wellbeing Programme Provides a Highly Personalised Annual Wellbeing Solution.

In a recent school survey, 23% have been off work at times because they felt overwhelmed by work and life issues, 35% would describe themselves as stressed, 42% don’t get an average of between 6 and 8 hours of quality sleep per night and 49% describe themselves as tired all the time.

Staff wellbeing is a critical issue for schools to manage. Our solution is simple, personal and has huge benefits.

Our wellbeing programme offers a very personalised and effective school staff wellbeing solution. To ensure the programme meets each schools individual needs we will assign a dedicated health coach to each school to support, coordinate and deliver the series of services throughout the year.

Our highly personalised programme includes:

  • monthly health bulletin
  • self help information
  • onsite health checks (blood pressure, cholesterol. lifestyle health risks)
  • personal lifestyle consultations
  • health tracking app
  • 1-2-1 personal online health coaching
  • fundraising wellbeing challenges

Each programme is built and costed on a school by school basis or can be commissioned as part of a cluster group.



The Programme 

Each programme consists of the following solutions:

Self help information

Every month we send staff a wellbeing bulletin and monthly top tips poster to display in the staff room. Each member of staff can access a wellbeing internet site containing self help resources. Resources include fact sheets, videos, 4 week programmes and links to useful additional resources.

Onsite health checks

Our dedicated health coach will provide 30 minute health checks onsite. These lifestyle assessments include:

  • blood pressure
  • cholesterol
  • glucose
  • body fat
  • hydration
  • BMI height/weight ratio
  • lung function

The health coach will review the results and discuss a plan of action. Following the health check participants can complete the health assessor which evaluates lifestyle health risk such as exercise, sleep, mental health, alcohol, smoking, musculoskeletal and work life balance - more


Lifestyle consultations

Health coaches will provide personal wellbeing lifestyle consultations onsite or online. These confidential appointments with a dedicated health coach last 20-30 minutes and review current health status, behaviour and personal objectives. The sessions conclude with participants choosing a goal to work on with their coach and agreeing a personal action plan.

Employees respond very positively to this personalised service and are highly motivated to take action after their consultation.

Personal health coaching

Participants are offered the opportunity to download the WELL1-2-1 app to track their daily health habits. Once enrolled they have free use of the app during the year and can chat to the online health coach who will provide guidance, information and the occasional nudge to kick start and motivate participants.

Participants can choose to opt into a 60 day personal coaching programme with the health coach if they have a particular goal.


Fundraising challenge

Staff can take part in an annual wellbeing challenge. We have 9 topics to choose from. All challenges run for 4 weeks and are run through the WELL 1-2-1 app.

We can also provide the opportunity to run a challenge for parents and the community to fund raise if desired.

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School staff wellbeing programmes are costed according to the size of school.

If a school wants to join as part of an alliance with a neighbouring school or cluster group that's fine. All contracts last 12 months from the start date and therefore it doesn't matter when you join us.