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Launch, grow and scale engagement in your programme with the power of mobile health coaching. The WELL 121 App and coaching platform allows occupational health departments, fitness professionals, counselors, healthcare specialists and coaches to provide online health management to patients anywhere and at anytime.

Leveraging digital health technology can help health professionals to take a more active role in supporting people to change their lifestyle, even when they can’t be with them in person. The Well 1-2-1 coaching platform is ideal for all health professionals as it enables them to track changes in health behaviour in between consultations.



  • Configure your groups and programs in minutes
  • Streamline health and lifestyle data collection.
  • Personalize the experience for each member
  • Grow relationships. – send personalized messages in real-time, and schedule group messages in advance.
  • Send coaching messages
  • Build social support. – create a motivational environment for those who thrive with social support.
  • Utilise the coaching platform to track and chat
  • Track participation and daily habits
  • Identify trends in each client’s progress and highlight their successes
  • Foster achievement – add a leaderboard to drive participation among those who love to compete
  • Personalize health – it’s never been this easy to personalize your programs to each individual’s need
  • Simplify adherence – it’s simple for a reason. Minimize choice, maximize usefulness, drive participation.

Digital healthcare solutions 

Occupational health departments

Use Well 1-2-1:

  • Following a health consultation
  • After health screening
  • To provide a company wide wellbeing programme
  • To offer personal coaching
  • To run  wellbeing challenges

Fitness trainers

Use Well 1-2-1:

  • To offer online personal coaching
  • To generate revenue
  • To stay in touch in between sessions

Healthcare professionals

Use Well 1-2-1:

  • To support and monitor patients with existing health conditions
  • To offer track patient activity in between sessions
  • To motivate patients to manage their conditions
  • To provide a method of contacting patients and sending information

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