Calories – easier to eat than burn!

Balancing the calories

  • Managing your weight is all about balancing the calories you take in with those you expend. With a reliance on fast food options it is very easy to get the balance wrong.
  • The average daily calorie recommendation for a moderately active person is 2300 for a female and 3000 for a male.
  • If you incorporate planned exercise into your day you can also burn more calories. 1 hour of walking is 270 Kcal, 1 hour of swimming is 330 Kcal, and 1 hour of jogging is about 550 Kcal.


Here’s how easy it is to gain weight

John McDonald works on a construction site as a security man. His job involves walking around the site a few times a day and sitting for reasonably long periods in his portacabin.

A typical day’s food for John is:

  • Breakfast – Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes and Milk (430) and Cappuccino (168) on the way to work
  • Big Mac, Large Coke and Strawberry Milkshake for lunch (1440)
  • Mars Bar (560)
  • 2 cans of coke (86)
  • Fish and chips (1200)
  • 2 cans of lager (480)
  • 2 packets of crisps (368)

John’s intake totals 4732 Kcal. This is 1732 additional calories per day or 12124 per week.
At this rate John will gain 3lbs of fat each week.

It would take him 3 hours of jogging each day to burn this off….

It’s harder to exercise and burn calories than it is to eat them.