Choose From Our Range of Onsite Health Screening Checks

Our health screening sessions are delivered to individuals by one of our health coaches. Our aim is to raise awareness of current health & wellbeing status and highlight any risks. If individuals have elevated blood pressure, total cholesterol and/or blood glucose levels a GP referral letter will be provided. Screening options include:

  • Blood pressure
  • Total cholesterol
  • Blood glucose
  • Body fat %
  • Hydration
  • BMI height/weight ratio
  • Lung function - Peak flow
  • Lifestyle health risk such as exercise, sleep, mental health, alcohol, smoking, musculoskeletal

Following the screening, participants are given a detailed report. We use a traffic light system (red, amber and green) to classify the risk status. The health coach will review the results, answer questions and discuss any future plans.

Operational considerations

Choice of screening assessments We offer three options:

  • The ‘10-minute health check’ - Select any three tests from the list - Appointments per day - 40
  • The ‘15-minute health check' - Checks include height & weight, BMI and body composition, plus any two optional tests from the table below. - Appointments per day - 25
  • The ‘20-minute health check’ - All full suite of tests - Appointments per day – 20

Room requirements A suitable quiet room such as a meeting or training room is ideal, with a table and two chairs.  It is best to avoid noisy and crowded areas as employees may have concerns that they wish to discuss with our health technicians in private

Pre-health screening Booking sheets and promotional material (email invites, posters etc.) are provided to help ensure the day runs smoothly. A pre-screening fact sheet (FAQs) is provided to each attendee once they have booked their appointment.

On the day The health screening sessions are delivered on a one to one basis. Appointment times can vary depending on which health screening options are chosen. At the appointment your employee will receive:

  • A results sheet/report.
  • A GP referral letter, if required.
  • An employee feedback form

Post-health screening feedback We will create an anonymised corporate report detailing overall findings.