Keep staff engaged through our monthly health calendar.

Our health calendar is a ready made monthly campaign toolkit. Employers choose from our library of topics and build a bespoke 12 month calendar.

Target your campaigns on the topics that are most relevant. Each month you’ll receive a communication pack including fact sheets, posters and campaign text – branded or unbranded. All content is validated and designed to inform, signpost and provide information in a brief, easy to read way.

Choice of topics

• Healthy eating • Exercise • Sleep • Weight • Move more, sit less • Resilience • Work life balance • Energy • Smoking • Cancer awareness • Healthy heart • Diabetes • Mental health • Stay healthy on shift • Back care & posture • Managing fatigue • Coping with change • Healthy ageing • Take care in the sun • Winter health • Alcohol • Stroke • Cope better with pressure

Each month's pack includes:

  • 3 fact sheets
  • 2 posters
  • Signposting leaflet
  • Splash screen content
  • Weekly email messages